WELCOME to the 2017 4-H page: Each Kid will have a picture along with sex, date of birth, color and price, along with expected weaning date. Our kids are not Disbudded, so they will grow horns that will need to be Blunted or removed, which ever your club rules are. We do not do this, they will however be wethered here. Wether price is not the same as buck price, intact males are priced higher. If one is available first as a buck the price will say buck or wether. Doe kids will state teat structure. A 50.00 non-refundable deposit will hold the kid of your choice. After weaning kids must be picked up in a timely manner, communication is key here. We will not hold till day before fair for same price! If the kid you have on hold dies or is hurt in some way you have the option of picking another. All kids will be weaned and eating good before pickup, have at least 2 CDT shots and be wormed.   Thank You