87L SEVEN PACES V601- born 1/29/06, He is a buck that throws alot of color and puts muscle on his kids. We have kept replacements out of this buck and his daughters produce very well for us and a couple buck kids have went on to their own herds. His pedigree includes: DSM PACE MAKER, EGGSFILE, DSM DAWN DANCING, CROCIDILE DUNDEE, GERONIMO"s PBL, THE OLD MAN, THE BOY NAMED SUE.
sold:   reference sire

LNS 141 SA : Born 5/19/05 ,   breeder is AGAPE RANCH  out of RIO VISTA, TX, is our current senior herdsire , He adds femininity more leg and longer bodies to his does, they make very nice mothers. His pedigree includes: 20AK APACHE, POWELL/HOLMAN 75L, RMB BALCONES BIG EGG, DNF GRACE, POWELL/HOLMAN IMPRESSIVE LASSIE, EGGSTREME *AM EN*, BALCONES KERALA, AMAZING ANNETTE, TND LEROY, TABU *EN*, 2SIS TAMU*EN*, and many more. All his kids look pretty much just like him, very true to form.

This great billy sired the two Sherman
County Fair winners, both taking
Champion and Reserve Champion
meat goat awards. Picture shown
on 4-H Winners page. Does pictured
are, 7 months old, weighing 68 and 74